Risk factors

The known risk factors for hepatitis C can be seen below. To understand better how transmission of the virus takes place, please read Understanding risk factors.


Blood and blood products

If you had a blood transfusion prior to 1992, you are at risk.

Drug paraphernalia

Injecting drug use is the most risky activity linked to the virus.


Haemodialysis treatment is a known transmission route for hepatitis C.

Hairdressers and barbers

The risk associated with unsterilized equipment at the hairdressers or barbers.

Mother to baby

How likely is mother to baby transmission during childbirth.

Needlestick injury

The likelihood of infection in the event of a needlestick injury.

Razors and toothbrushes

The risk of sharing toiletries with other people.

Sexual contact

Is it possible to transmit the virus through sexual contact?

Tattoos and piercing

The importance of using sterilised equipment when getting a tattoo or piercing.