Assessment for liver transplantation.

This information is adapted from the King's College Hospital section on liver transplants website ( The assessment process will be similar at any of the transplant centres.

The assessment* for suitability for transplantation involves a brief admission to hospital and includes imaging, blood tests, lung function tests, cardiac assessment and clinical review.

Patients are added to the waiting list if appropriate after consideration of the assessment results by a multi-disciplinary meeting (MDM) of surgeons, hepatologists, anaesthetists, intensive care physicians, specialist transplant nurses (transplant coordinators) and social workers.

All patients added to the list should receive a comprehensive education session on the experience of liver transplantation and an information pack from their transplant hospital. Patients will meet all members of the team and will be closely linked to a transplant coordinator for the duration of their care. Once on the waiting list all patients attend a specialist consent clinic where a consultant surgeon explains the different processes and techniques of transplantation and acquires consent for the procedure.

*The criteria and protocol for liver transplantation are complex. For up-to-date information consult NHS Blood and Transplant (