Contaminated blood support schemes

The UK government make payments to those who contracted hepatitis C via an NHS blood transfusion prior to 1992 , or via blood products before 1985.

Those who contracted hepatitis via blood products are largely thought to have been diagnosed. There are still people being diagnosed with hepatitis C who contracted the virus through blood transfusions. If you had a blood transfusion prior to 1992, we suggest you request a hepatitis C test from your GP.

If you have just been diagnosed or have never claimed from any of the schemes before, then you first claim needs to be via the Skipton Fund.

Please contact our helpline to find out more on what you need to do to make a claim 020 7089 6221 or by email

The schemes are currently undergoing reform and there may well be further changes to how they operate.

You can find information about the Skipton Fund here.

You can find information about the Caxton Foundation here.