The Hepatitis C Trust ends its legal challenge

The court has refused permission for the judicial review we have sought on NHS England’s decision to restrict access to hepatitis C treatment to be heard. The Hepatitis C Trust after careful consideration has decided not to challenge this decision. We believe those living with hepatitis C will now be better served by the Trust if it campaigns for access to these treatments outside of the courts.

We still believe everybody living with hepatitis C should have access to these new direct acting antiviral drugs. We will continue to campaign for access to them within the NHS. There is no reason why a treatment that saves lives, is cost effective and isn’t exceptionally expensive for the NHS, should be denied to those living with hepatitis C.

The legal action was not funded by the pharmaceutical industry. We pursued the judicial review on behalf of patients not the pharmaceutical industry. The only funds we have received have been from patients and their friends and families via crowd funding.

We still need to raise funds for our outstanding legal costs. If you would like to make a donation please do so here.