Infected Blood Inquiry to hear evidence across the country

The Infected Blood Inquiry has confirmed that recommendations regarding the inquiry's terms of reference will be made to the Cabinet Office shortly, and the inquiry expects to begin gathering evidence in June.

The Inquiry team has also announced that, after the terms of reference have been set, it will hold regular meetings in cities across the UK to ensure that everyone affected will have an opportunity to contribute on multiple occasions. The inquiry expects meetings to take place in in the Midlands, the South West, North East, North West and London, as well as in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These meetings will be in addition to other communication by email, website and letter to keep all stakeholders informed throughout the process. Details of the meetings will be posted on the inquiry website and distributed via email when dates and venues have been set.

After the terms of reference are announced the Inquiry legal team will also contact legal representatives to arrange regular meetings. The Inquiry is currently recruiting additional staff members to ensure it is properly resourced to carry out its duties.

We will continue to post updates on developments surrounding the inquiry. If you have any concerns around hepatitis C and contaminated blood, our confidential helpline is open Monday-Friday from 10.30am-4.30pm and is staffed solely by people who have themselves been affected by hepatitis C. You can call the helpline on 0845 223 4424 or 020 7089 6221. Alternatively, you can email