The Hepatitis C Trust launches Scottish elimination inquiry

In September 2015, the Scottish Government published its revised Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework; a strategy that contained an explicit commitment to the elimination of hepatitis C. This commitment marked a watershed moment in Scotland’s hepatitis C journey, and reinforced the country’s status as one of the global leaders in tackling the virus.

Almost two years on from the commitment and with the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s global hepatitis strategy (which was launched in May 2016) committing all countries to eliminating hepatitis C by 2030, the time has come for Scotland to once again lead the way, by developing a fully-fledged blueprint for elimination.

With the support of a cross-party selection of Parliamentary Champions, The Hepatitis C Trust is launching a project that seeks to map out how the elimination of hepatitis C in Scotland can be achieved. Through staging two evidence sessions in the Scottish Parliament and launching a call for written evidence from patients, third sector organisations, the clinical community, health boards, industry and others, we are seeking to identify the practical steps required to ensure that Scotland meets its elimination goal.

We want your help in answering some of the big questions that we face in our journey towards elimination. How can we prevent new infections? How do we increase the numbers of people being tested and diagnosed? How can we make treatment as accessible as possible? What innovative ways can we find to fund wider access to treatment? We want your views, ideas and perspectives, so please join us as we seek to bring about a hepatitis C-free Scotland.

If you would like to submit written evidence, please download the form below and submit your evidence (in Microsoft Word, wherever possible) to by 14th July.