Government provides update on infected blood compensation study

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Ellis has today provided an update on behalf of the Government on the study looking at options for an infected blood compensation framework.

The statement confirms that Sir Robert Francis QC, who led the study, delivered his report to the Government on Monday 14th March. The minister thanked all those who contributed to the study by sharing their experiences and views with Sir Robert.

The minister noted that he will now "carefully consider" Sir Robert's findings and recommendations and intends to publish the Study and the Government response "in time for the Inquiry and its core participants to consider them before Sir Robert gives evidence to the Inquiry".

The statement concludes with the minister committing "to write in due course to Sir Brian Langstaff, the Chair of the Inquiry, about our plans for responding and publication".

The full statement can be viewed here.

Sir Brian Langstaff, Chair of the Infected Blood Inquiry, responded to the statement with a letter to the minister, noting that the report will need to be available no less than four weeks ahead of the hearing date to enable participants to read and discuss the proposals and allow core participants to suggest lines of questioning in the usual way. Sir Robert will be called to give evidence during the next session of the Inquiry, which runs from the week of 9 May to the week of 25 July. 

Sir Brian also suggested the Government may wish to delay publishing a formal response to Sir Robert's report until after he has appeared before the Inquiry, to avoid "those directly affected by its proposals [feeling] that decisions were being made about them behind closed doors without their input."

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