Infected blood compensation framework report released

The Hepatitis C Trust welcomes the publication of the study by Sir Robert Francis QC today making recommendations for a framework for compensation and redress for those impacted by infected blood. 

This study is “ready to implement upon the conclusion of the Infected Blood Inquiry, should the Inquiry’s findings and recommendations require it”, the Government’s Paymaster General Michael Ellis commented.

The full study can be read here. The Hepatitis C Trust will be commenting fully on its findings as soon as possible.

Sir Robert will give evidence about his work to the Infected Blood Inquiry on July 11th and 12th.

The Sunday Times recently reported that Government Ministers are preparing to accept that there is a “strong moral case” for a taxpayer-funded scheme to compensate those affected by the historic use of Infected Blood.

In the meantime, if anyone needs support on any aspects of the report, you can contact us on our helpline – 020 7089 6221 or by email