Hepatitis C Trust features in BBC show

The Hepatitis C Trust's Chief Executive, Charles Gore, last night featured in BBC One's regional current affairs show Inside Out. The programme, which focussed on the current pressures on the healthcare system, included a section on the inequality of access to new hepatitis C treatments.

During the interview, Charles Gore said: "Two people with exactly the same state of liver damage could present themselves in different parts of the country and in one, they'll be able to walk in, get hepatitis C treatment immediately and get cured; in another part of the country, they may go there and be told, 'I'm sorry, you're going to have to wait'. This is just inherently unfair."

The show also included a powerful interview with Ben Franklin, a hepatitis C patient who spoke about the distress of being unable to access treatment through the NHS, which forced him into buying generic drugs online.

The programme can be watched in full here.