A new report on sustainable healthcare

The NHS has to respond to the financial and demographic challenges that threaten its long-term sustainability. The Hepatitis C Trust is part of an expert group looking at how to tackle the increasingly urgent challenge of making our health and care services sustainable for the future.

In June 2014, the culmination of this work after a year of research and consultation saw AbbVie, in partnership with the College of Medicine, launched a report on sustainable healthcare: Patient, manager, expert, individual. It made recommendations for change around three important priorities:

  • Enabling people to navigate the health and care system better.
  • Embedding shared decision-making and supported self-management approaches.
  • Harnessing digital technology.

These are all of great interest for people living with hepatitis C. Ensuring that the routes within the NHS to effective treatment are clearly signposted, that patients remain informed and involved in decisions about their treatment are key issues for the Hepatitis C Trust.

One year on, the expert group reconvened to examine progress. Their findings are set out in a new report: Sustainable healthcare: one year on. 

The landscape of the NHS has changed hugely, but the three priority areas continue to be relevant. In the new report, we have updated our initial recommendations, and identified a new priority around environmental sustainability. 

We hope the report and recommendations will help policymakers, politicians, health and care professionals, commissioners and patients themselves identify ways in which we can all help meet the urgent healthcare sustainability challenge. 

Read the report and recommendations here.