The staff at The Hepatitis C Trust

Charles Gore - Chief Executive

Rachel Halford - Deputy Chief Executive

Samantha May - Head of Support Services

Stuart Smith - Head of Drug Services

Richard Denny - Fundraising Manager

Kate Comyn - Office Manager

Gemma Peppe - Director Art on a Postcard

Kiera Burton - Art on A Postcard Intern

Max Radigois - Support Services Officer

Archie Christian - Pathway Coordinator

Richard Jones - Peer Support Lead

Shabana Begum - South Asian Projects Officer

Petra Wright - Scottish Officer

Edward Meyers - Prison Peer Educator

Susan McRae - Training and Development Officer (Sabbatical)

Policy team

Jane Cox - Policy and Public Affairs Adviser / HCV Action Manager

Neil Cowan - Policy and Public Affairs Adviser

Aidan Rylatt - Policy and Public Affairs Adviser