The staff at The Hepatitis C Trust



Sean Cox  Director

Julia Sheehan – Women’s National Prisons Peer Coordinator

Colette Price - Women's Peer Support Lead

Lee Devereux – Southern Region Prisons Manager

Natasha White - Peer Support Lead, Thames Valley/Surrey Region

Daren Claxton – Prison Peer Coordinator, Eastern Region 

Edward Meyers – London Region Prison Peer & Data Coordinator

Tony McClure – Peer Support Lead, London Region

Simon Edwards – Peer Support Lead, South West Region

Colin Carr-Lawton - Northern Prison Regional Manager

Jim Clark – Peer Support Officer, Scotland

Barry McLean - Throughcare Peer Coordinator

Lynn Walsh - Peer Support Lead, Merseyside & Lancashire Region

Ambrose Brown – Peer Support Lead, Humberside & Yorkshire

Tony Jefferson – Nothern Peer Support Lead

Garry Henry – Senior Prison Peer Coordinator, Midlands

Neil Batten – Prison Peer Coordinator, East Midlands Region

Gary Parker - Peer Support Lead, East Midlands Region

Lee Christensen – National Prison Partnership HITT Manager 

Natasha Gaskin - Prison HIIT Coordinator

Archie Christian – National Training and Volunteer Manager

Liz Palmer - National Volunteer Manager

Jamie Bradbourne - Senior HCT Trainer

Max Radigois - Community Peer Support Lead & Data Coordinator



Leila Reid – Director of Corporate Services

Kate Comyn – Finance Manager

Amy Bell - Office and HR Administrator

Christine Webb - Admin Support Worker

Samantha May – Helpline Information and Support Service Manager

Susan Stretch – Helpline Information and Support Service Officer



Stuart Smith – Director of Community Services

Miriam Jassey – Southern Regional Manager

Charlotte Brown – Peer Coordinator, Eastern ODN

Anthony Meade - Peer Support Lead, Eastern ODN

Nathan Motherwell – Peer Coordinator, Kent

Roy Brockwell - Peer Support Lead, West Kent

Brian Keogh - Peer Support Lead, East Kent

Steve Blake – Peer Support Lead, East Kent

Zoe Yates – Peer Coordinator, Sussex

Dawn Tuohy - Peer Support Lead, Sussex

Natasha Topham - Peer Coordinator, Wessex

Vanessa Rodriquez - Peer Coordinator, Wessex

Clive Williams - Peer Support Lead, Wessex

Jess Ford - Peer Coordinator, Surrey

James Rock - Peer Support Lead, Surrey

Katy Bradbury - London Manager

Rob Allan – London Peer Coordinator

Mary Carter - Peer Support Lead, South East 

Chris Laker - Pan London Coordinator

Mario Bello - London Peer Outreach Driver

Mary Maskell - Female Pan London Peer Support Lead

Craig Brick - Peer Coordinator, West London

Faye Martin - Peer Support Lead, West London

Jane Shea –  Peer Coordinator, South West London 

Dave Simpson - Peer Support Lead, South West London

Recruiting – Peer Coordinator, North Central London

Valentino Omar - Peer Support Lead, North Central London

Simon Pooley – Peer Coordinator, North East London

Stanislaw Everett - Peer Support Lead, North East London

Cathy Trainin - Peer Support Lead, North East London

Danny Morris – Midlands & West Regional Manager       

Philippe Bonnet – Peer Coordinator, Birmingham & West Midlands

Royston Burke - Peer Support Lead, Birmingham & West Midlands

Colette Carter - Peer Support Lead, Coventry

Paul Huggett - Peer Coordinator, Leicestershire

Colin Scott - Peer Support Lead, Leceisteshire

Isidores Pappas – Peer Coordinator, Oxfordshire

Chrissie Guard - Peer Support Lead, Oxfordshire

Daniel Crowley – Peer Coordinator, South West Pennisula

Ryan Nolan - Peer Support Lead, South West Pennisula

Abigail Sellick - Peer Coordinator, Bristol

Phil Collier - Peer Support Lead, Bristol

Alex Caulder - Emergency Department Peer Support Lead, Bristol

Kieren Olds - Peer Coordinator, Wales

James Bolton - Peer Support Lead, Cardiff

Carrie Richardson – Northern Regional Manager

Suzanne Reilly – Peer Coordinator, North East & Cumbria

Jane Riley - Peer Support Lead, North Cumbria

Mark Roberts - Peer Support Lead, North East & Cumbria

Elaine Dawson - Peer Support Lead, North East & Cumbria

John Fox - Peer Coordinator, West Yorkshire

Alison Downing - Peer Support Lead, West Yorkshire

Brendan Bennett - Peer Support Lead, West Yorkshire

Mick Holmes – Peer Coordinator, South Yorkshire

Stephen Jefferson - Peer Support Lead, South Yorkshire

Jason George - Peer Coordinator, Humberside & North Yorkshire

Hettie Cawood - Peer Support Lead, Humberside & North Yorkshire

Mark Burns – Peer Coordinator, Nottinghamshire

Clinton Askew - Peer Support Lead, Nottinghamshire

Simon Stones - Peer Support Lead, Nottinghamshire

Kieron Allen – Peer Coordinator, Cheshire & Merseyside

Darren Shields - Peer Support Lead, Cheshire & Merseyside

Asa Jones – Peer Coordinator, Lancashire

Tony Horrcoks - Peer Support Lead, Lancashire

Gary Van-Gils - Peer Support Lead, Lancashire

Shabana Begum – South Asian Project Officer



Jane Cox – Policy and Public Affairs Director/HCV Action Manager

Aidan Rylatt – Policy and Parliamentary Adviser

Elliot Bidgood - Policy and Parliamentary Adviser



Gemme Peppe  Director

Nancy Sharp – Office and Auction Coordinator

Sandra De Giorgi – Digital Marketing & Commercial Coordinator

Gwen Thursten - Creative Content Creator