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Week 45 - 46

Injection 46 - 47

So here we are - the penultimate week of treatment and I'm looking forward to one last push. This push is uphill - it's a struggle and it's hard. Surrounded by temptation to stop now - it wouldn't hurt would it? It really is the most difficult time - I was thinking about lucky I am that the side effects have subsided - except one. Sleep - light sleeping and early waking - although tiredness feels like the norm - I just want a decent night asleep where not even the wink of a badger some 30 miles away will wake me up. While I'm aware that I should feel lucky, the marathon you have to focus on for this should not be underestimated. Comparing my life now to what it was like before I started, I focus on work, survival and a small select group of people I socialise with. I really cannot do more than that which makes you feel totally out of the loop.

Tomorrow, I do my final injection, tonight I split my tablets into the last week of 6's - that's it - one final push. If you are suffering at the start of treatment - remember that the biggest mental test is to continue and complete, look forward to the side effects abating but have an awareness and a little in reserve to fight and be patient when you enter the latter stages.

I'll report back next week - but in case I do not say it then - thank you for giving me an outlet and for being there - it really has helped. One thing I'm certain about though - I really do not want to stop fighting the cause - we need support and it's the least I can do.