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Hepatitis C help lines usually offer two kinds of support: empathic listening and information. They are often a good source of frontline information on hepatitis C and on related issues such as how to prevent infection, where to find further support, legal rights, testing and treatment. The obvious advantage of help lines is that they are specifically geared to help people with hepatitis C. This means that they will have access to specific information - but they tend to be useful for short-term rather than long-term support.

The Hepatitis C Trust Helpline is staffed by people who either have or ‘had and cleared’ hepatitis C and can be used for long-term support especially if you are on treatment.

0845 223 4424

Open 10.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays)

The cost of calling 0845 numbers can vary according to your provider, your tariff and when you are calling. Check with your own provider for details. From BT domestic landlines the call may be free or may cost up to 2.1p per minute. From landlines on BT business tariffs the cost of calls depends on which call plan option you are on. Calls to 0845 numbers from other landlines and mobiles can cost considerably more so you may wish to call our alternative number 00 44 20 7089 6221. Costs correct as of 7 March 2014.