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A Great British C Party could be as small as having nibbles with a handful of friends, an alternative office lunch break or Christmas party with colleagues or even a fundraising dinner party for a large group .

If you think that hepatitis C awareness is low in your area, and you want to do something to both help raise awareness and bring people together, holding a Christmas C Party might be perfect for you.

The aim is to gather people together, have fun, and hopefully raising some money and awareness to help support all of those affected by hepatitis C.

Put up a poster in your workplace, local town hall, school or even your front window. Post your event on Facebook and tweet about it on Twitter.

Make sure you register your event with us so we can help to promote it. If you need any help regarding this or any other queries please contact / 020 7089 6220 and ask for Rachel.

You may want to turn your C Party into a fundraising event. If so you can create a Justgiving page here. Donate your funds raised online here. Or post them to us here .

We would love your input too, please let us know if you have any ideas of your own for events or any recipes or juices, we’d love to hear from you!

Below is a photo of Liana Stephens and her Cake Eaters Anonymous Club eating a healthy twist on cakes made with beetroot, carrot and natural sweetners.

Healthy Cake

You can download posters, invitations and menu cards here Xmas C Party

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