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Great British C Party

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The Hepatitis C Trust’s healthy eating campaign The Great British C Party is back for Christmas 2012. This year, we hope that our supporters will get involved and hold their own healthy Christmas dinners and events with their friends and colleagues.

Most peoples living with hepatitis C are well aware of the crucial role diet plays in taking care of the liver; it’s not just about avoiding alcohol! Sometimes watching what we eat and avoiding certain foods can seem like an arduous task.

We aim to inject some fun into healthy eating we pioneered The Great British C Party, a campaign that encourages people to eat foods that support a healthy liver, like lean meat and fish, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and herbs and spices. On World Hepatitis Day 2011 The Hepatitis C Trust launched the first Great British C Party campaign with the support of TV chef and writer Gizzi Erskine. We asked people to organise a ‘super club style’ meal with a healthy twist.

With the help of some top chefs and our supporters, we rallied around and got together some fantastic menus which were designed to support healthy liver function. Many of our patients took up the challenge, as did Primary Care Trusts and Drug treatment teams all over the country.

Gizzi is again taking the helm this year and will cook an alternative vegetarian Christmas feast at Boy George’s house for some well-known guests. Last year Gizzi designed a sumptuous three-course menu for 6 people and this year promises to be even better.

For anyone wanting to host their own C Party, it couldn’t be easier. Follow our instructions below to make your event perfect. We’ve even designed pretty menus and quizzes for your guests to see just how much they know about how the liver works.

As a chef, I am very passionate about nutrition and health. I find it incredible that the liver is one of the only organs that can repair itself from damage. Being asked to build a menu with liver friendly ingredients was a challenge I grabbed with both hands. Last year’s Great British C Party was one of the greatest things I've ever been involved in. Not only was our menu delicious, healthy, fun and witty I also got to cook for some of my favourite stars. It’s an honour to be doing it again this year at Boy George’s alternative Christmas dinner. I want to push boundaries even further with this menu and hope the message of cooking exciting food to promote liver health reaches all the right people. Gizzi Erskine

gizzie erskin

NB. Please note that The Hepatitis C Trust cannot be responsible for any loss, injury or expenses incurred in the course of organizing an event. We cannot authorize or allow fundraisers to collect door-to-door and if you are organizing an event in a public place you may need to seek permission from your council and obtain insurance, or a license. Please speak to your local council.